Pre-fried potato stick lines.

The line for the production of frozen and unfrozen french fries requires the process of washing, peeling, manual reworking, cutting into sticks, blanching, draining, pre-frying, cooling to room temperature and finally freezing.

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Potato Lines Natural Cane.

Potato stick production lines require the process of washing prior to the beginning of the process, peeling, manual reworking, cutting into sticks, washing of the cut product into sticks and finally a chemical inactivation process.

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Vegetable line machines

INCALFER abrasive peelers are used for potatoes, carrots, onions, beets and other vegetables. The homogeneity in the peeling, the delicate treatment of the product and minimum waste have been priorities in its design. Depending on the products to be processed and the specific needs of each client, the fine, medium or coarse grain of the abrasive with which the equipment is delivered is defined. Abrasive surfaces have a long life and are replaceable. They have been totally built in stainless steel with tempered shafts and bushings of self-lubricating polymers immune to water and earth. Several models are manufactured according to the production capacity to be reached. Optionally, the loading and unloading of the product can be automated.

Inspection, selection and reworking table arranged with holes in front of each operator, under which waste collection bags are hung. The product advances on both sides of a plastic conveyor belt, from where it is taken, reviewed and deposited in the central channel by each operator to proceed to the next operation, allowing the disposal of bad parts. Total construction in stainless steel and sanitary materials.

INCALFER centrifuges are very practical and simple to drain all types of food. It has an extrapole basket, which gives a great flexibility to the work. The rotation speed can be fixed or variable and optionally can incorporate a timer and variator. It has an electromagnetic brake, and its construction is in stainless steel.

They ensure deep and reliable washing to meet the most demanding sanitary standards in all types of vegetables and other foods. We provide fixed batch washers or with discharge, by manual or pneumatic overturning and also continuous for production lines.

They consist of a tray in which a washing tub contains the product. A torrent of water immerses it while several injectors spray recirculated water under pressure. The intensity with which the water impacts on the product is adjustable, to preserve its integrity, as well as the washing time.

They can incorporate bactericide or bleach dosing and work with water between 2 and 95 degrees centigrade with optional built-in gas heater or external cooler.

Robust construction in stainless steel and sanitary materials Standard spare parts and service available.